Turkeys are Jung SuWon warriors too!

I am not kidding.  Animals can be great examples.  I know turkeys have a bad reputation, and sometimes they appear to be downright retarded.  But I assure you they are not.

Where I live I am practically surrounded by herds of them.  Again, no kidding.  If I didn’t know better I would think they are ganging up on me. 

But here is my point:  they are smart!  And they are beings, true to themselves and their nature. 

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim told the story about the mother eagle, who taught the baby eagle to fly, by nudging it out of the nest and having it fall, and in the process of falling it learned how to fly.  On its own, in the comfort of the nest, it would have never tried to fly.  It needed to be “evicted” in order to realize what it could do.

Well, there aren’t too many eagles around and the ones I do see, are flying way up….but!  The turkeys also have adopted the same principle.  Let me explain.  Every day the turkey families wander through our yard and pick and glean whatever there is for them to eat.  I went outside to shoo them away – they were dangerously close to some beautiful flowers.  The mother turkey majestically – and yes, I do mean that word – she was gliding over the fence, to the great wild outdoors.  She stayed not too far from the fence and waited for the chicks to follow her.  They went crazy and ran back and forth behind the fence, thinking they were doomed.  They were chirping and crying and probably thought they were abandoned.  The mother turkey was watching them intently, also keeping an eye on me.  I gently went closer to the babies and when I was too close, all of a sudden, one jumped up in the air and fluttered, and made it to the top of the fence, where he sat for a minute, before joining his mother.  Soone, one by one, they all had “learned” how to fly.

It is the same with people, Grandmaster Kim explains.  Left to our own, we rarely rise up to the occasion.  We need that extra motivation in our lives to challenge us to reach our best.  That is why in Jung SuWon class we get challenged each time to do better and we learn to apply that same attitude in everything we do in our lives.

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