Jung SuWon animal warrior ninjas: right time, right place

If you look closely at the video above, you will see several young turkeys wander through some flower beds.  You can barely see them, but they are certainly there.  Somehow they always know when to blend in, or when to draw attention to themselves. 

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me there is a right time for everything.  Sometimes you need to speak up and some times you need to be quiet.  And somehow, animals seem to have a much better grasp of this concept…. Grandmaster Kim teaches this at her school, Jung SuWon in Fremont, CA.  Sometimes it’s very serious sparring time, and even within sparring, sometimes you need to attack, and sometimes you need to defend.  Sometimes it’s slow basics, over and over again.  Sometimes it’s an intense obstacle course.  And sometimes we have events when its time for relaxing and laughing.

Look at the picture and see how well this turkey mother has blended herself into her environment.  She does not want any attention from anyone.  In fact, I almost walked straight at her, had I not seen the periscope like neck pop up and those beady eyes look straight at me.

Another thing – she knew her purpose.  She knew she wasn’t going to just abandon her young.  She was holding her ground because that is what was her purpose in life. 

This is something we can also emulate in our lives.  Follow our purpose in our lives, whatever that purpose is.  But don’t abandon your original purpose!  And what is this purpose?  Well, only you know that!  You need to find out! 

These are some of the things Grandmaster Kim has taught me….stay in tune, there are many more nature/martial arts stories coming….

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