Dr. Tae Yun Kim: You can catch more animals with kindness

So what do you do when you wake up and find a cow in your beautiful lawn?  You run and grab a stick and try to shoo it off, right?


Let me explain through a quote from Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s book “Seven Steps to Inner Power“.  She uses an ancient fable to get her point across:

“Gentleness is its own kind of force.  Remember the fable about the contest between the Sun and the Wind?  They each tested their power by attempting to make a man walking along a road take off his coat.  As the wind ripped and tore at the man with tremendous force, the man only drew the coat tighter and tighter around him, unti the wind finally gave up and challenged the sun.  The sun, however, showed no “force” at all; gently and persistently, it burned brighter and hotter, until the man released his hold on the coat and took it off in the warmth of the day.”

So how does this relate to cows?  Simple.  Ever tried to chase a cow and try to get it to go the direction you want it to?  Very difficult.  You will probably end up with your garden all in a mess first!  Instead, using Grandmaster Kim’s strategy, this is what I did when I saw a cow feasting on our very green, healthy and good looking lawn:  I got a couple carrots and approached the cow. 

Cows love carrots, and they want to have them.  Then when I got the cow’s attention, I started walking towards the gate, and pretty soon I can feel the cow right behind me, nibbling on the carrot and nuzzling me.  She followed me out the gate, no problem, where I rewarded her with another treat.  See how easy it can be?

Caution:  don’t attempt this with a bull.  They are a different animal alltogether!

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