Unity and Teamwork – at Jung SuWon and in the wild!

As you probably have gathered by now, I love nature.  Yesterday I was out, pruning the roses (in itself a never ending job and in itself it’s own blog topic – the imporance of pruning, but I digress….)

So, while I was happily pruning away, I came within a couple of feet of disaster –  a swarm of bees had chosen the tree rose as a resting place, and it was so cleverly concealed it was hard to spot them.  Also, when bees swarm, they aren’t very aggressive and so there wasn’t much activity around the cluster.  I saw the pretty much last minute and was able to retreat, without a single sting.

I was amazed at this swarm.  Each bee in itself is so small and looks so weak.  But together they are very strong and accomplish so much!  Think about the wax and the hives they make, the pollen they gather from miles away and turn into honey, and so on.

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught from my very first class 24 years ago, that for example, each finger is very weak.  You can easily break them. 

But put together as a fist, these fingers become extremely strong, and can break through wood, cinderblocks, even glass, and especially through all our fears and weaknesses.  And on a larger scale, each person alone – if left living alone – would have a hard time fending for him/herself.  But it’s the working together, the unity, that has made us humans into who and what we are today. 

As for the bees – rather than dousing them with water or trying to chase them away, I simply waited – and, true to their nature – they moved on, to find a suitable place where they can build their new hive.

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