He Can Do, She Can Do, Why not Me! Or, fly, Ferdinand, fly!

Sometimes we need a reminder that we have already learned something, and that if we didn’t put that learning into action, it would no longer be a mistake, but a choice. 

I always liked what Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim wrote about mistakes in her book, “The Silent Master.” 

“You make mistakes any time you do something new.  If you already knew how to do something without making mistakes, it wouldn’t be new!  It would already be a habit.  So let mistakes be friendly teachers, the fertilizer for growth.  When I say be wililng to make mistakes, I mean let your mistakes lead you into new understandings and new actions.  As long as you’re making different mistakes, you can be sure you ar eon a path of learning.  It is a natural part of the process.  Of course, you don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes.  If that happens, it’s a signal that you are not learning from the mistakes the way you should.  All that you judge to be a mistake in  your life is nothing more and nothing less than an event that teaches you something.”  page 38

Animals are a little less complicated.  They just do what comes natural.  When it’s time to fly, birds fly.  They might fail many times before they can do it but they never give up trying until they are doing it.  Every once in a while an unusual one comes along that needs a little extra help with the learning. 

Here, it seems that our Jung SuWon turkey warrior Ferdinand has temporarily forgotten how to fly…until a very helpful canine came along to remind him.

Watch and see first hand what happened out there, in the wild…..

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