Jung SuWon warriors of the wild – Ferdinand, don’t drop your awareness!

Ah, awareness!  Wouldn’t we all like to have more of it!  That is what training is all about at Jung SuWon, to develop awareness in all that we do.  But it’s of course not that easy.   Here is what Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says about awareness:

“True awareness means being right where you are, right now, without fear or worry or obsession about the future or past.  When you manage to do that, a wonderful thing happens.  Focused here, now, you become undistracted.  You find yourself becoming mentally quiet.  And when that happens, you “hear” your Silent Master” quite clearly.  You perceive all around you quite clearly.  You find yourself knowing what to do – now, then minutes from now, or tomorrow.  As a result, you consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time. “

For example, during sparring, we learn awareness simply by the instant feedback our sparring partner provides.  You don’t have awareness, you end up getting hit.  Of course, speed, agility, experience all come into play as well, but without awareness, all the other things won’t do you any good.

Here, it seems, our Jung SuWon turkey warrior Ferdinand has become complacent, is letting his guards down down, and is behaving as if he had no care in the world….good thing the dogs were feeling lazy too….just because you are in a familiar environment, doesn’t mean you don’t need awareness.  Finally Ferdinand realized that there was a big dog around and promptly followed his brothers and sisters…..

Watch what happened out there, in the not so wild….

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