Jung SuWon-imals – where aaaaaaaaaaare you?


It’s been a while since I have posted and for a good reason.  I haven’t seen any of our Jung SuWon-imals in the yard lately!  Ferdinand and his kin don’t come around much anymore – they stay outside the yard, and although they are congregating in amazing numbers – in flocks of 50 or more – they don’t come so near anymore.  Maybe there isn’t enough food anymore for them to make it worthwhile….

I haven’t seen Sam the squirrel lately either.  I hear that squirrels semi-hibernate throughout the winter months, so maybe that is what he is doing.  I guess I better keep the walnuts I have been getting for him for when he shows up again….

This situation reminds of one of my favorite quotes in “The Silent Master”, written by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, founder of Jung Suwon Martial Arts:

“To me, one of the most perfect pictures of freedom is nature in the wild.  Birds are free to fly wherever their instincts take them, to the highest mountain or to the water’s edge.  Bears, rabbits, deer, creatures of all names and sizes freely roam the land, each finding their food and shelter in their own individual  way. Animals freely express their unique individuality.  No animal tries to be like another.  Mountain lions don’t try to live like deer or eat their food.  Rabbits don’t try to hibernate like bears.  All animals take their individuality for granted, “trusting” that nature provides everything necessary to fulfill their every need.  And the elements of nature are also fee and joyous, expressing and contributing their gifts abundantly.  The sun shines faithfully and warmly no matter what happens on the planet below. Rivers flow through their native surroundings bringing food for life. And beauty if everywhere.  The clouds, winds, rainbows, butterflies, light filtered through the forest trees – all come together in a beautiful picture of harmony.

You are a part of all this!  Freedom, beauty, and originality for you is exactly the same as for nature’s beings and elements.  You are an original!”  (The Silent Master, page 140)

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