Meet Jung SuWon-imal Henry the Hawk up close and personal

Jung SuWon warriors come in all sizes and shapes, and I consider many animals out there to be just such warriors.  They are living and being true to themselves!  They do what they are meant to do.

It finally occurred to me why Sam has turned invisible.  Squirrels are Henry’s favorite food!  No wonder Sam’s been hiding out in the old oak tree and only darting in and out for some acorns.  And while Ferdinand is fun for me to watch, he certainly wouldn’t make a good companion for Henry. Ferdinand the turkey is the class clown of nature.  Henry is the prince. 

Henry is just very different.  For one, he is a predator, a hunter.  I can see him circle way up in the sky on clear days, and I hear his characteristic hawk screech.  I watch him nose dive straight down and strike his prey and I have seen him sitting on the ground, enjoying his feast. 

But most of all I see him sitting on the fence rail in the very same spot every day.  He loves sitting there and watching what’s going on.  Sometimes he looks away from the house, out into the valley, and only turns his head once in a while.  Today, he was facing inside the fence, and I was lucky enough to get a few moments of him on video.  Whether I see him up in the air, or resting on the fence, he always reminds me of Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s words:

“Righ here and right now, let’s start celebrating!  Freedom is real. Freedom is possible.  You have power, truth, beauty, and potential within you always waiting to be discovered, always waiting to be expressed.  Brighter and more precious than diamonds, warm as the spring sun, and beautiful like spirals of galaxies sprinkled over this vast universe, your Silent Master awaits your return, so that together you will come forth as one radiant being in charge of your destiny.  What is stopping you?  What is holding you back?  You are free to be free!  Spread your wings!  Fly and be free!”  (The Silent Master, page 162)

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