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Be an original, don’t be a copy!

November 21, 2011

So as I was driving on the little country road that lead to/away from my home, I saw, as usual, a bunch of wild turkeys wandering next to the road.  But today, there was one among them that I hadn’t seen before – an albino turkey!  So ok, it isn’t exactly all white, but as you can see, “Snow white”, as I called her right away, IS very different from the others.  The other turkeys had no problems accepting her, and she was happy to be “one of them.”

This reminded me of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s words of wisdom,


When I came back home I went to read about this in her first book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power,” on page 15.

Here, it says

“Now manyof the choices you make now, even your most important choices such as a spouse or a career, are really from your environment.  Even some of your good beliefs may not reflect your true being.  For example, a person who has become a perfectly respectable lawyer may have been thwarted from expressing his true love of designing cars.  When this happens, as it does to many people, you must recognize that you are simply being a “copy” of other people’s expectations, and not your original self.  You may have developed an entire personality and life that has little to do with your true self.  This is like being the Biblical house built on sand.  It must surely fall when it is stressed, one way or another.  Certainly, this “copy” will never feel a sense of peace or fulfillment even if it manages to get by and even if it has all the material comforts of life.

But you can know yourself!  Right now!  Your Silent Master is your original self still waiting to be born.  You can make the decision to begin replacing the false concepts about yourself with the knowledge of your true being.  You can stop being a receiver only, and start being a giver.  You can be who you want to become.”

Wouldn’t it be weird to see a turkey try to paint itself just to be like the others?  Or see a dolphin try to fly like an eagle?

No, we need to become who we were born to be!

Great Grandmaster, you got it right!  I think about this one a lot!