During my absence from this blog, the Jungsuwonimals haven’t disappeared.  In fact, some pretty awesome newcomers have arrived on the scene.  Let me introduce you to one of them today.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, (as you know, my hero and Martial Arts Teacher), loves dogs.   She teaches that dogs can tell the Ki energy that is all around us, in us and all living things.   She has several of them.  The newest of them, Sarang, (means, “LOVE” in Korean) is my favorite and I am lucky that I get to take care of her a lot.  Sarang embodies one of the code of ethics perfectly, especially “Body and Mind as One.”  When she does something, she does it all the way. When she is on guard, she is on guard and nothing escapes her, and she will relentlessy pursue any danger to her Master.  When she eats, she eats with a passion, and when she runs, her body and mind work flawlessly together.  And when she plays – ah yes, when she plays – here is a little treat for you to see how she lives the code of ethics even during play time.  Enjoy!



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