Jungsuwonimals can sing!

A very special Jungsuwonimal wanted it made known that he can sing!  And that he loves to sing!  And he isn’t even a bird!  He is a dog!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us, in her book, the Silent Master:

“You live in a wonderful time called now.  In this moment, everything true about you is waiting to be recognized and expressed.  Everything in the past is gone. Tomorrow will never come.  There is always only now.  You can take charge, take action, and create freedom for yourself.”

And that is exactly how this K-9 Jungsuwonimal is living.  He only knows now and he only lives in the now.  Since he cannot work out in a Jung Suwon class (although at times he comes to visit at Jung Suwon), and he still wants to participate as a true Jung Suwon warrior, he is wanting you to know his true feelings.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim reminds us that, just because they do not talk like humans do, does not mean they do not have feelings, or cannot express!

And here is his Jungsuwonimal Master Performance!  Enjoy this, with your speakers on!  Sing with him if you like!


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