While we are waiting to hear from Angel….

While we are patiently waiting for an update on Angel the owl – I got very good news from my sister in law from Florida.  A very new Jung Suwon-imal arrived – literally!

See Celine, the baby crane?  Turns out, Celeste, our local celebrity Jung Suwon-imal does have relatives, although some of them a bit far!

But, remember what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches about that?  Energy does not have any distance!  In her book, “The First Element,” Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says,

“Nothing is stationary anywhere in this universe.  When physicists look at the tiniest pieces of matter, pieces tinier than atoms, and then pieces of those pieces, that which they see is in motion.  Everywhere in the universe, energy is moving.  Energy is interacting with energy, energy is changing energy.  And all this energy is woven into one fabric, and you are one with this energy!  It is present within you as your Silent Master.  You are, then, one with the universe!  You are connected to the galaxies, the sun, the fields of grass in Kentucky, and the mountains in the Himalayas in the sense that you share the energy that created those things.

You may ask: If I am one with this universal fabric of energy, why do I not feel the snow on the mountain slopes in Tibet?  Why do I not smell the flowers in Holland?  It is a matter of awareness only.  The time may come when you have expanded your awareness enough to choose to do so.. and you will do so.”

Of course, Jung Suwon-imals don’t read, but as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim tells us, they are so much more tuned into Ki energy, that the concepts she teaches us are already naturally inside them.

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