Bea the bee – an example of team work

Here is the smallest Jung Suwon-imal yet!  Small in size, but big in energy and work ethic!  Big in discipline and team work!  Can you guess who that might be?

Yes you are right, it’s Bea the Bee!  Here she is, busy at work:

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim often mentions Bea and her large team – and explains to the Jung Suwon warriors of all ages, how important it is to have teamwork.

“Each bee alone cannot accomplish much, ” Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim explains, “but together as a team, they make lots of sweet honey!”  But how?

Just like in Jung Suwon class, some students are better in forms, some have great kicks, some excel in sparring.  But they are all Jung Suwon warriors, part of a great team!

With the bee Jung Suwon-imals, its the same!  Some are good at scouting out the best pollen, and some are great at gathering, while others do best staying at home and taking care of the young.

And there is no better example for hard workers than bees – no laziness, no procrastination, just working hard, with a quality purpose and determination!

At Jung Suwon, we have the principles of mental conduct, to remind us why we train, and the fourth principle states,

“Have a quality purpose and determination!”  That is exactly what Bea and her team follow – let’s be more like them – fulfill our responsibilities with purpose and determination!

I almost forgot – did you know that bees know to perform Jung Suwon-imal forms?  When they get back to their hive, they have established patterns to show the others where to go for the honey!

And if you are really interested in Bea, here she is, with a bunch of Jung Suwon-imal warriors, looking for a suitable new home!

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