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Lessons from a turkey mother

August 15, 2012

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim emphasizes that every situation in life is a learning opportunity and that we can learn something from every being.  I know.  Most people think turkeys are outright stupid.  But Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim points out that there is no such thing as a “dumb animal.”   And in fact, this morning I witnessed an incredible lesson, taught by a very wonderful Jung Suwon-imal, Theresa, the turkey mommy.

Turkey Jung Suwon-imals are great, wonderful mothers.  They teach lessons that stick.

For example, this morning, when I was outside to train, and it was still dark, Momma Theresa was already awake and was gracefully gliding down from the tree where they spend the night.  Jung Suwon-imals have to get up early – they have to find their own food and water and have to do so before it gets too hot.  She started calling her children and soon a bunch of young turkeys had come down from the tree.

Turkeys just came down from tree

Momma turkey and gang called again for a minute, and then when no more turkeys came, Mama turkey took the lead, young ones in the middle, and auntie Tessa led the rear.

Off they went, doing their turkey morning routine.

A minute or two later, little Ferdinand fluttered down from the tree.  He was all by himself, and he was so sad to see that everyone was already gone.  Theresa and Tessa are teaching all the little ones that out there, in nature, you cannot afford to sleep in.  You cannot afford to be late.  One second could be the difference between life and death.

Ferdinand – sad and all alone in the wild

But this is what happens when you oversleep, out in the wild.  So he was left all alone.   He kept making the sound little turkeys make when they need their mommies, and a faint reply came.

Ferdinand, where are you?

I am not sure what they said to each other – I suspect that Theresa told Ferdinand to stay put until they came around again, since little Ferdinand retreated back under the trees.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Theresa, Tessa and their young appeared again, from the other side, there was more “turkey talk” and Ferdinand ran like crazy to catch up.

Theresa is relieved: Ferdinand is back!

Ferdinand was very lucky this time.  While alone, he could have easily been caught by hungry predators.  Let’s hope he has learned his Jung Suwon-imal lesson, and won’t be lazy anymore, but wake up with the rest of the family and stay with them.

And the lesson for us?  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim always reminds us to make the best of each day, use every minute we have, and be disciplined, not lazy.  Don’t be left behind!  Be the warrior!

Gentle Doves, right outside the kitchen window

August 4, 2012

Jung Suwon-imals come in all kinds of sizes and shapes – and locations!  Here they are, right outside Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s kitchen window!

Davy and Dottie, the dove Jung Suwon-imals, love hanging out near the kitchen window.  They are very gentle, loving creatures, yet they are very strong, very aware Jung Suwon warriors!

Here is Dottie, sitting at the window sill, saying hello:

Here is another picture of our adorable  Dottie:

So what makes Dottie and Davy Jung Suwon-imals?

Not only are they great flyers, dodgers, and are very agile birds, practicing their in-flight forms every day, they also completely live Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s teachings, especially this one:

“When you find real Love in your life, you have a special feeling of happiness that is not dependent on anyone or anything in order to be.  That’s because it comes from you, not to you from outside sources.  It’s a quiet joy, ,but also one that expresses great enthusiasm.  When you feel this Love, you are glad to be alive, and grateful to wake up every day and live your life.  This Love can’t be hurt or destroyed because it is pure energy. Because this Love is real and true, it is powerful.  It can overcome anything untrue simply by being there, just as the sunlight burns clouds away.”

Davy and Dottie snuggling…

“Synchronized Preening”

Dottie and Davy wish you a great day, and encourage you, with a heart-felt,