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Edgar, the Royal Eagle

December 26, 2012

During my travels with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim I came across this amazing Jung Suwon-imal, Edgar, the Eagle.  He was living in an ancient fortress, in Belgium.

Because of his very unique situation, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim asked me to interview him and see what he had to say.  Turns out, he is a most wonderful, experienced and insightful Jung Suwon-imal.

Translated into human, our conversation went something like this:

After I introduced myself as a Jung Suwon warrior-reporter, and thanked him for letting me interview him, he put his head sideways and with a sparkle in his eyes, said,

“Before you say anything – let me answer your first question – because I know what that question is going to be.  You were going to ask me how did I get to be here, tied up, living among humans like this? ”

He smiled at my astonishment.  How did he know?

“They all wonder about this,” he continued.  “Well, let me tell you.  When I was a young and strong Jungsuwon-imal, I used to fly high, and was the best hunter among the Eagles.  I had a sweetheart, and together we roamed the big skies.”

He paused and looked up at the sky, longingly.

“We raised many young ones together, and taught them how to be an Eagle.”  Here, he glanced at Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, and said, “I am sure Great Grandmaster has already told you the story about the Mother Eagle.  You know how we teach our young to fly.  Well, we taught so many of them.”

He let out a big sigh, and preened himself a little.

“One day, when we were already what would be in human years, about 50, my beloved sweetheart passed away suddenly, and my life became lonely.  No longer did I dance in the sky.  Even hunting became a chore.  So I started to think, rather than spend my life all by myself, with nobody around to pass on my wisdom, that was not what I wanted.

So I turned to humans.  They always tried to catch one of us and we used to make fun of their attempts.  They are so clumsy!  Do they really think they can actually catch us?  Ahhhh…..well so after the arthritis set in in my wings my decision was made, and I let myself get caught.”

“How do they treat you?  And what do you do now?”

“Oh, they are wonderful to me.  They feed me, they let me take short flights now and then.  But my favorite thing is when they bring their young ones by, and I get to show them the real beauty of us Eagles.  Sometimes I even allow them to touch me.  I try to be really friendly to their tiny ones, and more aloof to the bigger ones.  See, I used to be somewhat of a King among the Eagles.  Not that we need a King.  We all know what to do.

But you humans!”  Another big sigh, and Edgar was shaking his regal head.  “You humans!”

“After all these thousands of years, you still haven’t figured out yet how to live to gether in peace and harmony.  You do need leaders, and even with leaders, you still have wars.  When will you ever learn to be like Eagles…….”

“You go and listen to your Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim“, the Edgar said in conclusion, “she is like us, except so much wiser still, so much above us, so enlightened.  She holds the secrets of the Universe! ”

I had a hard time holding back tears.  What a beautiful story!

Edgar smiled ever so slightly, nodded his head and thanked me for my time!  I thanked him for his, and reported back to Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.

Did I dream this?  Was this reality?  Well, look at the picture.  It sure could have been a real conversation, don’t you think?