The power and beauty of Hawks

Hawk on pole different perspective copy

As I was watching, and filming, some beautiful birds of prey today, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s words immediately came to mind:

“This Universe is wonderful the way it is.  We cannot invent any more riches in it. Everything that is, already exists.  What we can do to enrich our lives is become more aware of what’s already here!  This means expanding our awareness of our entire energy field so that we embrace wider perceptions….The object of our life is to exist meaningfully, joyfully, energetically, purposefully, creatively!”

Take a look at these magnificent hawks.  Don’t they just seem to personify this statement?

Hawk turn in air copy

Hawks, by the way, are the ultimate Jung Suwon imals.  They are beautiful, powerful, graceful, and they use their power only when needed.  they never go and chase and kill for the fun of it and there are no hawk bullies.

Hawk - sun reflecting copy

Hawks can fly sky-high, and they can also swoop low above ground.  And did you know they always fly so they don’t cast a shadow ahead of them?

Hawk turn in mid ar copy

Hawk close copy

Coming in for the strike

Hawk looking down copy

and here “Henry” is performing some aerial acrobatics

Hawk with legs tucked copy

after all this, he returns to his post, for some well deserved rest:
Hawk sitting up straight copy

I have to add, that “Henry” as I like to call him (or maybe it is a Henrietta after all) and I have been buddies of sorts.  He knows I mean him no harm, and once in a while he seems to appear out of nowhere to delight me with his aerial acrobatics.  Although that mostly happens when I don’t have my camera in my hands!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says that animals can sense energy much more than humans and that is why wild animals sometimes come close to those they feel comfortable with.  This explains why Great Grandmaster has a special relationship with animals and was able to even touch and carry a full size, live owl!

That being said, please do not try to touch or hold any wild animals yourself. Please leave them alone and admire them for who they are and what they are!


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