My dear deer

deer baby 8

Oh oh!  Do you see that hint of mischief in Desiree’s eye?  What could she be thinking?

One quick look over her shoulder….and off she goes….

Deer baby 2

baby deer near trash cans.MTS.Still001

Desiree is drawn to the trash can!  The color is so pretty!

baby deer near trash cans.MTS.Still002

And now she’s got her sister Deanna to come and investigate as well!  Come on Jung Suwon-imals – remember what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says about how your environment influences you?

“Energy from our environment is impacting us all the time.  All the objects in any particular environment are made of energy, radiate energy, and absorb energy.  After spending some time in a certain room, and finding our mood is changing, we will most likely say, Whats wrong with me?”  The problem may be due to a particular energy from the room, and not something personal.  For instance, furniture bears the energetic imprint of the person who crafted it as well as other owners or users of it.  Have you noticed that sometimes you are attracted – or repelled – by some object by “something” other than just its aesthetic value.

So its important to clear away objects associated with past circumstances you are trying to change.” (The Silent Master, page 54)

baby deer near trash cans.MTS.Still003

Come on you two – you know that you shouldnt hang out around trash can no matter how nice you think they look !  Think about the energy they have!

group of deer -2

Good!  They are back home in their more usual environment, right on Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s property…out of harms way.

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