Learn from your mistakes

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim cautions us about short cuts – a pregnant woman cannot have a baby after 3 months just because she doesn’t want to wait any more – she still has to be pregnant for 6 more months until the baby is ready to come!  Some things just take time and have to be done a certain way!  A lot of time short cuts lead to mistakes.

Dotty on nest.MTS.Still003

Oh oh, what happened here?  I guess Davey and Dotty wanted to take a shortcut and build a nest quickly and in a convenient location.  But was this really a good place?

Dotty on nest.MTS.Still002

Certainly not!  Not only was it convenient for our mourning doves, it was also very convenient to all sorts of predators, including our dogs, and it was right next to a busy garden path.

For a couple of days, all went well.

Dotty on nest.MTS.Still004

Then, one day, the nest was destroyed and Davey and Dotty were nowhere to be found!  I was worried – what had happened to them?  where they able to escape whatever predator had interfered?

Thank goodness, the two mourning doves were alive and well, and within a few days, had re-built their nest in their previous spot – way up on top of a palm tree, out of harms way!

Dotty and Davey in tree.MTS.Still001

What does Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim say about making mistakes?

“Willingness to learn from mistakes is the backbone to everything that can be considered progress….Never making a mistake does not make us perfect.  never repeating a mistake, after we learn from it, is as perfect as we need to be.”  (Seven Steps to Inner Power, page 26)

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