Regal Eagles and what we can learn from them



Even though one of Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s estates is very close to a major city, still all manner of birds of prey come and hunt there, some even build their nests.

To Dr. Tae Yun Kim, this is no surprise.  “They can feel the energy,” she says, “they know they are safe here. They know there is plenty of food for them.”


Eagles and other birds of prey are also perfect examples of a concept Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches – the importance of listening to our Silent Master.

“How can you hear your Silent Master this very moment if your mind is occupied with yesterday’s resentment?  Or today’s panic?  Or tomorrow’s anticipation?  Or with fear, worry and anger?

The present moment is all there is.  Why? When it was yesterday, you experienced it as now.  When you experience tomorrow, it will be now.  AT this moment and every moment thereafter, it is now.  It is never tomorrow or yesterday.  True awareness means being right where you are, right now, without fear or worry or obsession about the future or past.  When you manage to do that, a wonderful thing happens,  You find yourself knowing what to do – now, ten minutes from now, or tomorrow.  As a result, you consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time.”

And isn’t that what Eagles do, without having to think about it?  Let’s be like Eagles and live life to the fullest, in the here and now!


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