If Dogs could talk…


The other night as I was sitting at my computer, Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s German Shepherd came up to me and looked me in the eyes, very deeply.  “You know,” he said, with a little hint of sadness in his voice, “I am almost two years old and you still haven’t blogged about me yet.”

Oh Oh!  He cheered up considerably after I invited him to be today’s guest blogger.  Here we go!

Hey folks!  This is me, Chung Song, German Shepherd, proud protector and companion of my Master, Dr. Tae Yun Kim.  In the picture up there, you see me on the first day I came to Dr. Kim.  I was barely 4 months old and after 2 days of almost non stop driving we finally made it home.  At first I was so scared and was hiding under the car, but Dr. Kim was so nice and made it so much fun I forgot about being scared.  I love playing games and still do to this day.  There was another dog there already, and she has turned out to be my best doggie friend.  She is really awesome and her name is Sarang.


Sometimes it gets really hot – and I know when it’s hot you go in the shade.  Simple!  If you can’t find shade, you have to be creative and make your own!  See?  I hear Dr. Kim tell the humans that the power is in them and it is their personal choice what you do in your life!  And us dogs, it applies to us too!


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6 Comments on “If Dogs could talk…”

  1. V K Browne Says:

    A beautiful dog. I have GSDs as well and I feel they do talk to me. I find myself reaching for the odd treat from the fridge way too often.

    • angelasommers Says:

      Thank you! I do understand the “treat thing” – they have a way into your thoughts and help you do things for them 😉

  2. […] via If Dogs could talk… — Tae Yun Kim’s Wisdom as shown through animals […]

  3. hopewinter Says:

    So precious! I can’t believe he is almost 2 years old already!

  4. Aww! Such beautiful ‘angels’!

  5. Himadri Negi Says:

    I love the post 🙂

    I had one fur buddy too but lost him.

    Read about my love here – https://himadri7.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/my-love-bruno-%E2%9D%A4/

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