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DeeDee the dove expresses gratitude

April 8, 2017

Here is DeeDee, when I saw her last.  She was just a couple of months old, and ready to become independent.  She is a California mourning dove, and the sweetest bird I ever knew.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s home in California was a great place for little birds to grow up in.  Here is a picture of DeeDee when she was just a tiny hatchling:

Dr. Tae Yun Kim loves animals of all kinds, and is especially fond of birds, and makes sure they have a safe haven on her estate.

Birdie kiss

Momma Dottie is watching out and knows that this huge thing with the camera in hand is just me and is no harm to her or her young ones.  In fact she knows I protect them from the ever-present crows. (3)

Here is DeeDee almost grown up, already Dottie had put her out of the nest but still kept coming back to make sure she’s safe and to feed her.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim has always reminded me how beautiful animals are and how they express their gratitude.

The day DeeDee was ready to leave for good, she hung around the house closer than usual.  She made sure she saw me, and I saw her.  And this was not imagination running wild.  DeeDee really did wait until I saw her.  She looked at me for a long time and let me come real close.  I almost heard her tell me that she was happy for her beautiful childhood her and so grateful we watched over her and kept chasing the crows away.

Dee Dee good bye

Finally, as all birds must do, she knew it was time to start her very own life journey, and she flew away.  She circled a few times very close, and then disappeared into the big oak trees.

Yes, I had a tear or two….as always when a baby leaves.


Babies in the Doves’ nest!

July 2, 2013

Me and my mommy

We now know that Davey and Dotty set up their nest in the big tall palm tree right outside Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s kitchen window.  It’s out-of-the-way of predators, and a great place for raising baby birds!

Birdie kiss

True Love

I am hungry

I am sooo hungry!

Whenever I see such beautiful young baby birds I am reminded of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s words:

“You are one with the All the Power of the Universe! Wake up to the little miracles around you right now and appreciate the power of the universal life force.  This is your power we are talking about, your intelligence!

These miracles we take for granted every day are pictures of your own life force in motion.  A tiny unborn  bird pecks away at his shell hundreds of times for no other reason than to be born!  For no other reason than to be who he is.  He follows the life force as far as his purpose directs.

But you!  You are born with so much more capability than this little bird.  If you are not living your life with the same enthusiasm of a supernova, exploding to fill your space with energy to build and create and transform, you are still inside a dark shell.  If you are sitting around doing nothing more than feeling sorry for yourself, then you are not even as true and honest as the little bird, who at least honors his life force by pecking his way out into the world.

I am asking you to come out and start appreciating this life force that brought you here!”

(The First Element, page 137)

I am a fierce warrior

I may be small, but I am a warrior!

Learn from your mistakes

June 27, 2013

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim cautions us about short cuts – a pregnant woman cannot have a baby after 3 months just because she doesn’t want to wait any more – she still has to be pregnant for 6 more months until the baby is ready to come!  Some things just take time and have to be done a certain way!  A lot of time short cuts lead to mistakes.

Dotty on nest.MTS.Still003

Oh oh, what happened here?  I guess Davey and Dotty wanted to take a shortcut and build a nest quickly and in a convenient location.  But was this really a good place?

Dotty on nest.MTS.Still002

Certainly not!  Not only was it convenient for our mourning doves, it was also very convenient to all sorts of predators, including our dogs, and it was right next to a busy garden path.

For a couple of days, all went well.

Dotty on nest.MTS.Still004

Then, one day, the nest was destroyed and Davey and Dotty were nowhere to be found!  I was worried – what had happened to them?  where they able to escape whatever predator had interfered?

Thank goodness, the two mourning doves were alive and well, and within a few days, had re-built their nest in their previous spot – way up on top of a palm tree, out of harms way!

Dotty and Davey in tree.MTS.Still001

What does Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim say about making mistakes?

“Willingness to learn from mistakes is the backbone to everything that can be considered progress….Never making a mistake does not make us perfect.  never repeating a mistake, after we learn from it, is as perfect as we need to be.”  (Seven Steps to Inner Power, page 26)

Gentle Doves, right outside the kitchen window

August 4, 2012

Jung Suwon-imals come in all kinds of sizes and shapes – and locations!  Here they are, right outside Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s kitchen window!

Davy and Dottie, the dove Jung Suwon-imals, love hanging out near the kitchen window.  They are very gentle, loving creatures, yet they are very strong, very aware Jung Suwon warriors!

Here is Dottie, sitting at the window sill, saying hello:

Here is another picture of our adorable  Dottie:

So what makes Dottie and Davy Jung Suwon-imals?

Not only are they great flyers, dodgers, and are very agile birds, practicing their in-flight forms every day, they also completely live Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s teachings, especially this one:

“When you find real Love in your life, you have a special feeling of happiness that is not dependent on anyone or anything in order to be.  That’s because it comes from you, not to you from outside sources.  It’s a quiet joy, ,but also one that expresses great enthusiasm.  When you feel this Love, you are glad to be alive, and grateful to wake up every day and live your life.  This Love can’t be hurt or destroyed because it is pure energy. Because this Love is real and true, it is powerful.  It can overcome anything untrue simply by being there, just as the sunlight burns clouds away.”

Davy and Dottie snuggling…

“Synchronized Preening”

Dottie and Davy wish you a great day, and encourage you, with a heart-felt,