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If Dogs could talk…

January 31, 2017


The other night as I was sitting at my computer, Dr. Tae Yun Kim‘s German Shepherd came up to me and looked me in the eyes, very deeply.  “You know,” he said, with a little hint of sadness in his voice, “I am almost two years old and you still haven’t blogged about me yet.”

Oh Oh!  He cheered up considerably after I invited him to be today’s guest blogger.  Here we go!

Hey folks!  This is me, Chung Song, German Shepherd, proud protector and companion of my Master, Dr. Tae Yun Kim.  In the picture up there, you see me on the first day I came to Dr. Kim.  I was barely 4 months old and after 2 days of almost non stop driving we finally made it home.  At first I was so scared and was hiding under the car, but Dr. Kim was so nice and made it so much fun I forgot about being scared.  I love playing games and still do to this day.  There was another dog there already, and she has turned out to be my best doggie friend.  She is really awesome and her name is Sarang.


Sometimes it gets really hot – and I know when it’s hot you go in the shade.  Simple!  If you can’t find shade, you have to be creative and make your own!  See?  I hear Dr. Kim tell the humans that the power is in them and it is their personal choice what you do in your life!  And us dogs, it applies to us too!


Special insights from German Shepherds

August 13, 2013

Today we have a special treat – Sarang, one of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s German Shepherds, has graciously agreed to do a guest post for us.  Let’s give her a big hand, and read what she has to say!

Hello  everyone!  I am so glad to meet you all!  I am a very happy and outgoing dog, and I love to meet new people.   But that being said, I am Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s personal protection dog, alongside with my buddy Chung Song, and together we make sure that she is safe, at all times.

When we are in the living room, we each take our position on each side of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.

Sometimes we get rewarded, Korean style.  I have really come to like seaweed!

2013-08-09 Sarang eating seaweed

When we are not busy protecting our Master, we love to play!  Our Master always says, “work hard, play hard!” and that is what we do!  Our favorite game is to play fetch!  It is actually a great game that requires speed, quick reaction, change direction in mid run, sometimes mid-air and incredible coordination.  Just like Martial Arts, and it keeps us in perfect shape for our protection job!

2013-08-13 19.00.49

Now during the hot California summer months, I really like playing in the water!

Here, I am imitating Chung Song, the perfect gentleman, drinking from the hose:

2013-08-10 Sarang drinking water from hose

But this is how I prefer to handle it:

2013-08-10 Sarang attacking water

It is so much fun, and again, it is just like Martial Arts training!  You have to charge in, you have to be able to predict where the water will go, and as a special bonus, you get to drink a lot!

See how although we are K-9s, we are still warriors?  Oh and before you go, watch this – I am the star in this video!

Pictures from a Jung Suwon-imal Christmas celebration

January 15, 2013

Look at them!  All dressed up and ready for the big day!

2012-11-23 22.55.21

2012-11-23 22.55.54

Chung Song and Sarang, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s K-9 crew, were proudly posing for Christmas!  Because even though she was in Korea at the time, giving lectures, motivating people, having important business meetings, discussing all sorts of topics with all sorts of important people, everyone at home still got in the Christmas spirit!  Christmas is in your heart, and energy doesn’t have any distance, so whether near or far, in the energy world we are always together.

And those two faithful, beautiful Jung Suwon-imals would like you to remember this (a quote from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s book “The Silent Master”)

“True happiness is feeling your own spiritual qualities, not limited, negative thoughts and feelings. True happiness is spiritual because it is never dependent on just material things or material success.  There is great freedom when you know this because you can never lose your joy, never lose your power, never lose your happiness, no matter what your material circumstances are.”

2012-11-24 21.45.26

My idea of happiness: Have ball – will play!

2012-11-24 GM Salton cone on head

I have a ball and I will play too!

2012-11-24 21.51.29

I’ll find a way to get that ball!!!

And after so much play – it’s time to rest up!  As Jung Suwon warriors, human or K-9, we need to be at our best, so we can continue to train, and learn, and perform!

2012-12-25 10.56.53

Goal accomplished – got the ball! And now on to resting!


Goofing off K-9s

June 3, 2012

Yes, even Jung Suwon warriors have their funny moments, and Jung Suwon-imals Chung Song and Sarang are no different.  They love to train hard, and then to goof off!

After doing the equivalent of Jung Suwon forms (that would be retrieving toys) they enjoy water, especially Sarang!

Here you can see her have fun with water:

Meanwhile, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s other dog, Chung Song, plays it cool.  He loves to relax in the shade,

but he can be quite hilarious too, playing hide and seek!  He does love to sneak up on people from unexpected locations.  (Excuse the bad picture….)

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim loves her dogs.  They are wonderful companions, loyal, true, and with a big sense of humor too!

Chung Song and Sarang are contemplating having their own blog.  What do you think?

A rock star on the Jung Suwon-imal scene!

April 26, 2012

Today I would like to introduce to you a very special Jung Suwon-imal.  Although this one isn’t with us anymore, but watching us from Jung Suwon-imal heaven, she deserves to be written about!You see, Chun Sa, (meaning “Angel” in Korean) was Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s very special German Shepherd.  Because Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has a really busy schedule, I get to take care of her special Jung Suwon-imals from time to time.  With Chun Sa, that was always easy – we bonded right away.

Whenever I did some laundry, at first, Chun Sa would sit down and watch intently.  It was as if she were trying to figure out what was going on here.  Then, one day, this very special and intelligent Jung Suwon-imal, brought a rock with her, and with a proud look, put it into the washer!  She looked at me triumphantly, tail wagging, as pleased with herself as can be.  I praised her accordingly, and with that, a ritual was established.

From then on, Chun Sa would always bring a rock and put it into the washer, every time I did laundry.  And every time I had to take it out and throw for her, only for her to retrieve it and put it back into the washer!

Want to see?

can you see the little rock?

Chun Sa, the fearless Jung Suwon-imal, even sticks her entire head into the washer!

Chun Sa’s unwavering determination to figure out the washer and participate in the process, reminded me of a quote from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power:”

“Unswerving determination is one of the most important factors in reaching your goal, in reaching any goal. Only you can make your determination work for you.  And if you use it, your determination will attract to you all the other factors needed for your success – the right associates, the right information, being in the right place at the right time, and so on.  Determine now to value determination!”

Jungsuwonimals can sing!

March 25, 2012

A very special Jungsuwonimal wanted it made known that he can sing!  And that he loves to sing!  And he isn’t even a bird!  He is a dog!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us, in her book, the Silent Master:

“You live in a wonderful time called now.  In this moment, everything true about you is waiting to be recognized and expressed.  Everything in the past is gone. Tomorrow will never come.  There is always only now.  You can take charge, take action, and create freedom for yourself.”

And that is exactly how this K-9 Jungsuwonimal is living.  He only knows now and he only lives in the now.  Since he cannot work out in a Jung Suwon class (although at times he comes to visit at Jung Suwon), and he still wants to participate as a true Jung Suwon warrior, he is wanting you to know his true feelings.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim reminds us that, just because they do not talk like humans do, does not mean they do not have feelings, or cannot express!

And here is his Jungsuwonimal Master Performance!  Enjoy this, with your speakers on!  Sing with him if you like!

More about K-9 Jung Suwon warriors

February 18, 2012

In the last post, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim taught us about how loyal dogs are.  But did you also know that dogs are perfect examples of “awareness happens only now?”

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim writes in her book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power” (page 54) the following:

“True awareness means being right where you are, right now, without fear or worry or obsession about the future or past.  When you manage to do that, a wonderful thing happens  focused here, now, you become undistracted.  You find yourself becoming mentally quiet.  And when that happens, you “hear’ your Silent Master quite clearly.  You perceive all around you quite clearly  You find yourself knowing what to do – now, ten minutes from now, or tomorrow  as a result, you consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time.”

And isn’t that what dogs do, without any thought, without it ever coming into their consicousness?

Our K-9 Jung Suwon warriors know about living in the here and now.  And whether or not they understand Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s words, they sure know her teachings and practice them!

If you want to see a fun video about a furry Jung Suwon warrior in action, in the here and now, click here!