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The Power of Ki Energy

March 3, 2012

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim took us to the Beach one day.  While we were meditating, this Jungsuwonimal came really close and wanted to join us.  It was very trusting and walked right up to us and sat there for a long time, watching and listening very carefully.

Great Grandmaster Kim was reviewing the following, from her book, “The Silent Master” during that beach class:

“What is energy?  energy is an expression of the Life Force of the whole universe.  And you and the Life Force are one!  Because you are at one with the Life force of the Universe, you are energy.  And the sun, wind, water, and all of nature are also energy.  When you cannot find this energy within yourself, often you can go into nature to feel and connect with it.  This Life Force – this energy – is Love in action.  When you start feeling this natural Love within you, it will change how you see and respond to the whole world.  You will start feeling a warmth, buoyancy, and enthusiasm that flows out of you as naturally as breathing.”

I realized that this little visitor was the personification of how to express that life force.  In it’s very pure life, it just does what it needs to do, drawing on the energy of the universe.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim smiled at the seagull and was happy that it came and stayed for the lesson, helping to illustrate her point.  This is one of the greatest strengths of Great Grandmaster Kim, that she can use any situation and turn it into a life lesson!

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