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A Bear’s view of life

February 20, 2017


Some forms of Wildlife I am very glad I don’t meet in person.  I mean, I truly love bears and how majestic and beautiful they are – but I would rather admire them from afar – especially if they have babies!  (The videos here were taken with a remote, motion detection triggered camera).  No people or bears were hurt in the process! 🙂

Dr. Tae Yun Kim owns a large, beautiful property in Oregon, that has some “native dwellers” living on it naturally, and here you can see them.  They lead a completely natural, yet protected life, and I had to think of some of what Dr. Kim wrote in “The Silent Master:”

“Freedom does not mean being free from adversity or difficulty.  Freedom is the knowledge that you have the power to conquer adversity and difficulty.  If you could ask any animals living fee in the animal kingdom, they would tell you that they aren’t free from “trouble.”  Predators are everywhere, and life is a daily challenge.  But all animals were born with instincts to protect them, and were given special talents and abilities to help them stay alive and pursue their lives in freedom.  It is the same for you!”

And isn’t that how bears live?  They are not free from trouble, but they know how to deal with it.  So let’s be a little like them, know who we are and know we have all the tools we need to live as we were meant to!


Underground Terrorists, or, why gophers?

July 30, 2013

Oh oh, what have we here?  What is that at the patio glass door?

Gopher 2 copy

Could it really be…?

Gopher 11 copy closeup

Goodness, it’s Geoff, the gopher!  What is he doing here, above ground?

Now, granted, most people are not fans of gophers, in fact, if you love to play golf, if you love gardening, or love anything that has to do with outdoors activities, you probably don’t like these pesky little things.

However, God created them too!  And Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim talks about the importance of Yin and Yang, about balance, and about the Universe needing each species to be complete.

But seriously, a gopher?

Help!  Someone let me in!  Please!

Help! Someone let me in! Please!

If you let me in, I promise not to dig in your garden anymore - promise!!!

If you let me in, I promise not to dig in your garden anymore – promise!!!

Well, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches that there needs to be balance, good and bad, hot and cold, sunny and rainy, and so on and so forth.

Since God created what we consider “good” animals – horses, cows, dogs etc….it’s easy to see why there are “other” animals, such as mosquitoes, spiders, snakes, gophers, and such.  For balance!

Here is my favorite quote by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim about this subject:

“It’s easy to want to change a bad condition into a good one, and it’s easy to make the choice to do so.  But what about when a good condition changes into a bad one and you didn’t choose that?  The knowledge of balance and change is a tool here as well.  This knowledge helps you keep your perspective when changes you didn’t expect occur.  (Like heaps of fresh dirt on an immaculate golf course 🙂 )  (Seven Steps to Inner Power, page 50)

And as for Geoff?  He realized he had to find another place to go to.

I guess I better go now

I guess I better go now

Hmmm, where did he go?

Gopher 134 copy busted


If I act really tame will you believe me that I am just a hamster??

If I act really tame will you believe me that I am just a hamster??

Finally, Geoff realized he had to go back home.

But it was great having him stop by and help us understand the concept of Yin and Yang – wouldn’t you at least agree on that?

Another new Jung Suwon-imal comes by

April 29, 2012

Spring time is the favorite time for a lot of Jung Suwon-imals!  They are busy with so many things – they never have a dull moment.  Even Salerna and her companions.

Isn’t she a beauty?  Oh, I know, a lot of people outright discriminate against snails, and if Salerna were to wander over to my garden blog, yes, she would be in danger of being permanently evicted.

But Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim gave me a new perspective on snails, and things in general.  During her lectures and Jung Suwon classes, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim often talks about a simple pen.

“When I write a love letter, or a beautiful note, this pen I am holding, is a useful tool.  .  But when I use it to stab someone, it becomes a weapon.  Is the pen good or bad?  The pen itself is a tool, and it depends on what it is used for!”

Another example is one of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s young students.  He used to be in gangs and on a downhill roll into crime, drugs, and other things.  Once he was out of that environment, and training at Jung Suwon for a year or so, and having moved away from his previous home, he has done remarkably well and now has a job at a well known computer company and has turned into an outstanding citizen.

The same, in a way, holds true for Salerna, the snail.  In Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s eyes, Salerna is a great Jung Suwon-imal, as long as she is in her own environment and doesn’t come into the garden.

But once she trespasses from out there, in the wild, to Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s garden, she becomes a pest that needs to  be taken care of.

Incidentally, Salerna has countless relatives around the world, and here is a picture of a snail Jung Suwon workout in Holland!  See how they are lined up for forms in the back?  🙂


While we are waiting to hear from Angel….

April 18, 2012

While we are patiently waiting for an update on Angel the owl – I got very good news from my sister in law from Florida.  A very new Jung Suwon-imal arrived – literally!

See Celine, the baby crane?  Turns out, Celeste, our local celebrity Jung Suwon-imal does have relatives, although some of them a bit far!

But, remember what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches about that?  Energy does not have any distance!  In her book, “The First Element,” Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says,

“Nothing is stationary anywhere in this universe.  When physicists look at the tiniest pieces of matter, pieces tinier than atoms, and then pieces of those pieces, that which they see is in motion.  Everywhere in the universe, energy is moving.  Energy is interacting with energy, energy is changing energy.  And all this energy is woven into one fabric, and you are one with this energy!  It is present within you as your Silent Master.  You are, then, one with the universe!  You are connected to the galaxies, the sun, the fields of grass in Kentucky, and the mountains in the Himalayas in the sense that you share the energy that created those things.

You may ask: If I am one with this universal fabric of energy, why do I not feel the snow on the mountain slopes in Tibet?  Why do I not smell the flowers in Holland?  It is a matter of awareness only.  The time may come when you have expanded your awareness enough to choose to do so.. and you will do so.”

Of course, Jung Suwon-imals don’t read, but as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim tells us, they are so much more tuned into Ki energy, that the concepts she teaches us are already naturally inside them.