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Wild turkey antics

June 18, 2013

Where Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim lives, out in the wild, I often have the most amazing encounters with animals of all sorts.  One day, not too long ago, I heard a big commotion outside, dogs barking, turkeys screeching (yes, they can screech), wings flapping.  Expecting the worst, I looked outside – and this is what I saw:

09187-turkey at window - outside.MTS.Still007

Lets look a little closer:

09187-turkey at window - outside.MTS.Still003

Thea, is that you??

09187-turkey at window - outside.MTS.Still005

Normally a brave JungSuwon-imal, she was scared.  She knows she simply is no match for 2 energetic German Shepherds!

She just wouldn’t come down!

Here is what this whole scene looked like from the inside:

09189-turkey at window 2.MTS.Still001

09188-turkey at window.MTS.Still006

09188-turkey at window.MTS.Still005

Thea!  Don’t you remember what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has to say in such a situation, aside from admonishing you to take courage?

“Clinging to a good picture you have created possibly keeps you from expanding into an even greater good.  Clinging to a disagreeable picture keeps you there!  So, don’t hold onto either as though it’s the final story. ” (The Silent Master, page 100)

And as though she understood every word I said, soon enough she was her brave self, asserting herself in Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s garden.

turkeys in the flower garden.MTS.Still007

Tom the wild turkey demonstrates the power of concentration and visualization

May 18, 2012

Here is Jung Suwon-imal Tom the turkey, in all his glory!  He is pretty focused right now and has mostly one thing in mind:  to find the perfect mate!

This takes a lot of concentration, and does not allow for being side-tracked!  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says this about concentration in her book, “The Silent Master:”

“Whatever you concentrate on and visualize, you propel into manifestation.  Your thoughts are creative energy.  Concentration and visualization are ways of using this consciousness to focus on and energize a desired goal.

Concentration means that you will mentally focus on something – and eliminate everything else from your mental environment.  You must become able to shut out outside stimulation and turn within.  It takes full attention to concentrate properly, and you may have to train yourself before you can do it well.”

I am sure Tom the Turkey Jung Suwon-imal knows this very well – he is always extremely concentrated on the female turkeys and isn’t interested in anything else, except perhaps chasing away other male turkeys!

Sometimes, Tom the Jung suwon-imal gets into a sparring match with another turkey. At times, this is pretty mellow, and at other times, when there is no self-restraint among the turkeys, feathers fly, and I find some beautiful feathers in the backyard.  Do you think Tom will succeed if he really focuses?  Of course!  He Can Do, She Can Do, Why not Me!

Another form of Self Defense

March 14, 2012

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches us that there are many forms of Self Defense.  As we saw in the last post, avoiding conflict is one of them.  Here you can see that there is “safety in numbers,” as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim tells us.  At Jung Suwon, we learn the physical and mental discipline to work out and prepare ourselves for anything, anytime.  But at the same time, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim explains, we need to make sure we avoid confrontation as best we can, and one of them is, don’t go places by yourself!

Jung Suwon is a great place to learn self confidence, self love, and self trust.  There you can learn who you are and that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish.  During Jung Suwon classes, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim will sometimes weave into class, some specific self denfense moves.  However, Great Grandmaster Kim will caution you that you will need to be mentally prepared before you ever do anything physical.  And that only comes through the physical and mental discipline of coming to Jung Suwon class!

For now, best to follow Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s recommendation: remember, best self defense is, “not be there,” and “safety in numbers.”

Self Defense – out in the wild

March 12, 2012

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has a lot to stay about Self Defense, naturally.  She often gets approached to teach a 3-hour seminar, or one day seminar, on how to defend yourself.  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, though, refuses to have those short sessions at Jung Suwon, or elsewhere.  Why?

Self Defense is not just physical, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says, ” Self defense is physical, mental, and spiritual.  Unless you are ready on all three levels, you cannot properly defend yourself.  For example, if you go to a couple hour Self Defense class, and you learn how to do XXX technique if you get attacked AAA way – well, the attacker will not usually follow that protocol and attack you whichever way he or she pleases.  You have to be mentally ready first, and not try to memorize a series of moves, that you are sure to forget in an emergency situation!

Best Self defense?  Don’t put yourself in harms way, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teachers students young and old, at Jung Suwon Martial Art Academy.

Here are some pictures of how our Jung Suwonimals blend into their environment and try to “not be there.”  And yes, there is at least one Jung Suwonimal in each picture.  Can you find the one in the last picture?

Jung SuWon in the wild – Ferdinand the turkey has a new friend: Sophie the squirrel

October 2, 2008

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim of Jung SuWon has faced a lot of prejudice in her life.  Because she didn’t fit in, she was treated like a disease.  She was resented because she was a girl, as firstborn child, a total no-no in the Korean society in those days.  Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she wanted to train in the Martial Arts, and again, nothing but prejudice and rejection.

After she finally started training and achieved her highest goals, becoming a Grandmaster, she still had to face terrible prejudice – as a brand new arrival in the USA, she faced racial prejudice of incredible proportions.  Her school was burned down, landlords refused to rent to her, and people simply didn’t trust her, since she was from an oriental country.  She came to the USA in the late sixties, during the height of the Vietnamese war, and in rural Vermont people simply didn’t care to differentiate between different Asian countries.  She was called all sorts of racial, degrading names. 

Now, in California, she teaches that we are all one of a kind, and that we need to look beyond the color of skin, or any other physical appearance.  God made us all the way we are, and we need to appreciate this, and accept one another.

Animals know this too, and in this little short video you can see Ferdinand the turkey with his family, with Sophie, the squirrel.  Seems like she is still a bit shy and the turkeys still don’t quite know what to make of her, but they all love to eat the new acorns, and there are plenty of them to go around.  Later on I saw Sophie still moving with the turkey family, and spending the day with them. 

Here is what happened out there, in the wild….

Jung SuWon warriors of the wild – Ferdinand, don’t drop your awareness!

September 28, 2008

Ah, awareness!  Wouldn’t we all like to have more of it!  That is what training is all about at Jung SuWon, to develop awareness in all that we do.  But it’s of course not that easy.   Here is what Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says about awareness:

“True awareness means being right where you are, right now, without fear or worry or obsession about the future or past.  When you manage to do that, a wonderful thing happens.  Focused here, now, you become undistracted.  You find yourself becoming mentally quiet.  And when that happens, you “hear” your Silent Master” quite clearly.  You perceive all around you quite clearly.  You find yourself knowing what to do – now, then minutes from now, or tomorrow.  As a result, you consistently find yourself in the right place at the right time. “

For example, during sparring, we learn awareness simply by the instant feedback our sparring partner provides.  You don’t have awareness, you end up getting hit.  Of course, speed, agility, experience all come into play as well, but without awareness, all the other things won’t do you any good.

Here, it seems, our Jung SuWon turkey warrior Ferdinand has become complacent, is letting his guards down down, and is behaving as if he had no care in the world….good thing the dogs were feeling lazy too….just because you are in a familiar environment, doesn’t mean you don’t need awareness.  Finally Ferdinand realized that there was a big dog around and promptly followed his brothers and sisters…..

Watch what happened out there, in the not so wild….

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why not Me! Or, fly, Ferdinand, fly!

September 18, 2008

Sometimes we need a reminder that we have already learned something, and that if we didn’t put that learning into action, it would no longer be a mistake, but a choice. 

I always liked what Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim wrote about mistakes in her book, “The Silent Master.” 

“You make mistakes any time you do something new.  If you already knew how to do something without making mistakes, it wouldn’t be new!  It would already be a habit.  So let mistakes be friendly teachers, the fertilizer for growth.  When I say be wililng to make mistakes, I mean let your mistakes lead you into new understandings and new actions.  As long as you’re making different mistakes, you can be sure you ar eon a path of learning.  It is a natural part of the process.  Of course, you don’t want to keep repeating the same mistakes.  If that happens, it’s a signal that you are not learning from the mistakes the way you should.  All that you judge to be a mistake in  your life is nothing more and nothing less than an event that teaches you something.”  page 38

Animals are a little less complicated.  They just do what comes natural.  When it’s time to fly, birds fly.  They might fail many times before they can do it but they never give up trying until they are doing it.  Every once in a while an unusual one comes along that needs a little extra help with the learning. 

Here, it seems that our Jung SuWon turkey warrior Ferdinand has temporarily forgotten how to fly…until a very helpful canine came along to remind him.

Watch and see first hand what happened out there, in the wild…..